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Rubber Hose for Sand / Shot Blasting

As Per IS: 5894:1980
Application: For conveying sand, shots or other abrasive materials used in ordnance factory, steel fabrication, shipyards, manufacturing workshops, heavy engineering industries, Gas cylinder manufacturing units etc.
  Lining : Uniform seamless tube of natural/synthetic/blend rubber compound of high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance and free from air blister, porosity and other defects.
  Reinforcement : Plies of rubber impregnated woven textile or braiding of high strength natural/synthetic fibre.
  Cover : Suitable rubber compound of cloth marked finish resistant to abrasion and weather.
  Electric Bonding : A strand of copper wire is embedded between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity throughout the length of the hose.
Pressures: Type 1 - W. P. 0.7 MPa & B. P. 3.5MPa.
                       Type 2 - W. P. 1.0 MPa & B. P. 5.0MPa.
20.00 ± 0.75 6.3 1.50
25.00 ± 1.25 6.3 1.50
31.50 ± 1.25 6.3 1.50
38.00 ± 1.50 6.3 1.50
45.00 ± 1.50 6.3 1.50
50.00 ± 1.50 6.3 1.50
W.P. :Working Pressure, P.P. : Proof Pressure, B.P. : Burst Pressure, 1MPa : 10.2Kgf/Cm2 1Kgf/Cm2 :100KN/m2
Length : Mandrel made hose upto 20 mtr., Moulded braided hose in continuos long length.
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