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Hypalon Rubber Sheets

Hypalon Rubber sheets are highly resistant to adverse impact of atmospheric conditions mainly in strong Sunlight and ozone.

Colors:- Black.

Main Properties:- Vardhman Hypalon rubber sheet has the outstanding resistance to oxidation, ozone and weathering. It has excellent electrical properties and is resistant to fire and self-extinguishing in nature. Resistant to most inorganic chemicals, acids, oils and greases.

Typical applications:- Vardhman Hypalon rubber sheets are mainly used in construction, chemical, automobile and electrical industries for its impermeability properties

Common Name Chemical Name Nomen-clature Hardness Range Low temperature resistance Heat resistance Tensile strength Elongation Strength
Hypalon Chlorosulphonated polyethylene CSM Shore A 50 -70 -35° C Max. Continuous -130° C
Max. intermittent-
Up to
150 kg /cm sq.
Up to 400 %
Specific Gravity Thickness Width Length Surface Insertion Packing Compression Set
1.30-1.45 gm/cm³ 0.5-6 mm
Plain (smooth)/ fabric marked/patterned. Possible –Nylon/cotton/polyester Rolls/flats Max.40% for 22hrs at 70° C
Customized dimensions are also available.
Factory test.
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